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With the sale of our venue we met in and the redevelopment by it's new owners, we lost our venue. This is exciting because God knew and so we believe this presents us a huge opportunity to execute a plan we have had and been praying about for some time. A warehouse that would be a fully utilised space that is as much a gift to the city as it is a place for WHC to meet. While most church buildings are essentially week long liabilities, we hope to turn this space into an asset to fund ministry and mission, as well as being in itself a mission field, capitalising on one of the cities current and future needs. First of all, we would love you to meet the space. A raw and beautiful old warehouse, 50% below market rental, 250sqm with an optional 80sqm additional, bathroom, concrete and raw bring awesomness... and about $300 per week out of our price range. But we have a plan and we need your help!

250 sqm space
Gritty industrial
Extra 80sqm
General use zoning

Old Versus New

We were paying $500 per week for a small space and only 3 hours access. This is standard for church plants in this city. Paying a lot of money for a service. The warehouse we are making a play for is up to 330sqm, would be ours 24/7, providing venue, training spaces, kids spaces, Office space for our various ecosystems as well as for us. The difference in price is about $300 per week. The difference in value is huge.

This Campaign

Below we outline some of the vision behind the space that would be so much more than a venue for a service. First though, we need to raise funds and here is where you can help. WHC runs very lean, so we would need to raise the deposit on the space, and a 3 month buffer on the difference in rental than our budget the warehouse cost. From there we have a plan to monetise the space so that it produces 3 times its rental value allowing us to both save our rental budget, cover rental expenses but also make money from the space to use for staff, mission and supporting other churches. Part 2 is a fit out budget in order to create a cool and vibrant creative environment.

The Opportunity

Sydney is #7 in the world for IT Start-ups. San Francisco, Tel Aviv, New York, London, blah blah blah, Sydney, and it will soon be #6. These entrepreneurs represent the future economy and employers of this great city and indeed our country. More jobs, more money in the economy, leads to more social programs, better schools, and more opportunity and resources for the poor. The success of this industry is vital to our cities future, and represents and amazing upstream opportunity to serve our city. This venue sits right in the tech start-up corridor of our city. Imagine, a church venue that didn't sit empty for most of the week but was fully utilised for the good of our city and glory of God, filled with life, creativity, and the future economy of our country all week, along with missionaries to that context. We believe there is not only a great opportunity to create a great home for WHC, but an opportunity to make a profound impact in our city by utilising the warehouse all week long as a start-up space with an agenda to be on mission to that space. This is an industry we know well and many of us are a part of. This not only monetises the venue for us, but creates a place where mission and industry intersect. A place where we the Church serve the city by creating a space to help develop future economy, build a home for ourselves, but also create a versatile venue for wider engagement with the community we are in in a contextualised way. The gospel in life, not just Sundays, we see a profound opportunity here.


A home for 25 entrepreneurs who we get to engage with missionally all week long as we work shoulder to shoulder with them.

Configurable Space

A space we can re-configure at night and on weekends to reach wider than our walls with film nights and on ramps to belonging

Our New Home

A place we can fill with praise and worship to Jesus all week long but especially on Sundays. A home for WHC and the gospel in Sydney


Most importantly its all about Jesus. A place and a people fully engaged in the mission of God to share the good news of Jesus in any and every facet of our lives. Anything less is loss.

We are a church innovating, disrupting the status quo and pioneering the church in our city. To quote the Grateful Dead, "We don't want to be the best at what we do, we want to be the only ones doing what we are doing". This is part of that vision.

The Plan

Imagine a pool table, swings from the roof, an indoor log cabin meeting room, Christmas feats, mini-conferences, dope Sunday services, film and theology nights, galleries, intimate gigs, scotch and theology events, baptism after baptism and more. All while preaching the gospel and helping to support some of Australia’s most innovative start-ups. That’s what we see..

A Startup Space

A hot desk space for 25 entrepreneurs, in the start-up capital of Australia. This is a source of revenue & mission.

An Office Space

A great collaborative office space for some of our other projects, WHC, Disrupt, King & Crown and more.

A Church Space

An exciting and versatile space for Sunday services, meetings, kid spaces, worship nights, and missional on ramps.

A Build Space

One of our long desired projects is to build motorbikes and cafe racers and then auction the bikes to support charities and planting.

A Community Space

Right next door to student accommodation, surrounded by families and in the heart of a large and lonely city... we want to gather people together here.

An Innovation Space

A full time space will give us more freedom to innovate within White Horse and collaborate with other churches to reach this city.

A place for startups

As one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial cities in the world, we want to build a space that is all week long used by these pioneers, along side us as missionaries to them and innovators along side them. Start-ups would lease desk space, have use of facilities, meeting spaces and kids areas as well as being invited to everything else we run in the hopes that in doing so we serve them, the city and reach some with the gospel.

A hub for mission

Imagine for a moment, Season 2 of Stranger Things is out, and week by week we screen it, as dozens and dozens of people come in from the community for a shared experience. We discuss themes, metanarratives, and how its all about Jesus, providing pizza and good times, as well as the great gospel. Small gigs, gallery shows, scotch nights and more, all about Jesus. Not to mention those start-ups.

A home for the church

We believe the church is the people not the place or an event. This space would allow us to become more of who we already are, not less. This warehouse would provide a huge opportunity to reach into and impact the community in a way we had only dreamed of in the past. Between killer Sunday services, to meetings, prayer nights and collaborative church events via Disrupt, we believe this space is the next step forward for us.

Total Cost

The total rental cost of the space is $900 per week. This is for the 250sqm space in the photos. An additional 80sqm is available at extra cost.

Cost Gap

We currently pay $500 per week in space rental for 3 hours on a Sunday. We already have $100 per week committed for a desk. This is a $300 per week gap.

Break Even

To Break even (get the space at no additional cost) we need $300 per week extra. This is 3 desks rented out in a space of 25 desks.


Anything over 3 desks starts to become profit. 9 desks and the church no longer has a space expense. 25 desks and we are making $1500 pw from the space.

Raise Amount

The $10000 raise amount is to help cover an initial setup period and some basic fitout between the space making money and us paying rent. About 3 months.


We hope that testing monetised multi-use spaces such as this, will help us build a model for sustainable church planting in post church cities.

Help make this happen

You are essential to making this a reality. From one of gifts to committing to a desk to a month up front, or simply praying for us we need you. Lets make this happen!

One off gift

Get us one step closer


Recurring support

Partner with us weekly or monthly


Sponsor or Invest

Become a brand partner


Get a desk

Pay for your desk upfront



Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What is your break even?

This round of fundraising is to get us into the space.  Anything over and above our buffer raise of $10k will go into fit out.  To break even with our regular venue costs we only 3 desks filled.  8 desks and the space is cost neutral.  Anything over that and up to 25 desks will enable us to further the mission of the church in our city!

Can the warehouse be used as a church?

Absolutely.  The warehouse is zoned with the very liberal B4 Mixed Use.  This enables us to run a wide variety of projects in the space without having to seek consent.  The space is also a standalone building in an industrial area which means noise constraints are very loose.  Really the space is like a magic unicorn with a golden horn.

How long is the lease?

We will be signing an 18 month lease on the space which will enable us to do some great work.  After that 18 months and proving the model we hope to extend beyond the initial lease or reassess and make a play for another larger space we have our eye on depending on the start-ups i the space, sponsors involved and our space needs.

How can I be involved?

We would love you to be involved!  The first and most obvious way is simply by partnering with us financially.  We really can’t do this without you.  The next way to be involved is pryer.  Pray that this space comes together, we raise the money we need and that we see people come to Christ through it.  Lastly, why not consider getting a desk in the space?


Here’s a roadmap of the warehouse to highlight the milestones from the fundraising to launch party.

10 Sep 2016


5 Oct 2016

Secure Space

7 Oct 2016

"We Got The Warehouse" Party

9 Oct 2016

First WHC Service


This is such a great milestone for us!  We can’t wait!

10 Oct 2016

We Begin Fit-Out


By making the bathroom not quite so gross

24 Oct 2016

Start Building Out Startup Space

14 Nov 2016

First Proper Start-Up Residence


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